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About SkinFeel™ by Silab Prosthetics

SkinFeel™ by Silab Prosthetics have been developed through decades of experience and innovation with silicone techniques to now produce a range of client ready prosthetic solutions for your patients. SkinFeel™ cosmetic prosthetics appear as real as an original limb and allow clients to live their lives with a confidence to feel comfortable in their social environments.

SkinFeel™ cosmetic prosthetic shapes, colours and textures recreate the natural look of the limb down to the tiniest detail. The team who produce SkinFeel™ by Silab Prosthetics go beyond just matching the tone of the skin, but work to provide precise details such as freckles, veins, wrinkles and more.

SkinFeel™ provides practitioners and patients with a wide range of offerings from custom solutions that match identically the need of the individual client, to semi-customised prosthetics, as well as providing an extensive range of around 100 different standardised prosthetic glove shapes, sizes and styles. The wide range of SkinFeel™ cosmetic prostheses caters for people of all ages, different disabilities and type of amputations. SkinFeel™ by Silab Prosthetics can address even the most complex cases.

SkinFeel™ silicone cosmetic prosthesis products are hypoallergenic, safe and easy to wash. They have a high endurance and can withstand high temperatures. In case of potential damage to a prosthesis, they can easily be restored.

SkinFeel™ is developed by a team that takes pride in the artistry of their work and follows a rigorously developed set of innovative techniques. SkinFeel™ is ever evolving and the team at Silab Prosthetics constantly strives to improve through innovation, research and development the highest standards of quality in their cosmetic prosthetic solutions. We call this ‘The Art of Prosthetics’.

The quality of our products and satisfaction of our clients proves itself. SkinFeel™ cosmetic prosthetics are demanded worldwide by clients and practitioners.

We Know How Our Clients Feel.