By Silab Prosthetics

Forearm and Arm Prostheses

Arm prosthesis from SkinFeel™ by Silab Prosthetics are made of hypo-allergenic silicone that is highly durable, stain resistant and is resilient to very high temperatures. Our SkinFeel™ arm and forearm silicone prostheses have an exceptional aesthetic quality but also provide concrete functionality in everyday life. The wide range of SkinFeel™ by Silab Prosthetics cosmetic arm prostheses caters to people of all ages with different levels of disabilities and complexity of amputation.

SkinFeel™ arm and forearm silicone prosthetic cosmesis integrate with many different types of fixation system. Each SkinFeel™ cosmesis is individually made of materials suitable to your match your specific selection of fixation system.

Custom Forearm and Arm Prostheses

Custom arm prostheses are made entirely to measure to be a precise and accurate copy of the opposite arm with a hyper-realistic result that mimics the shape and surface of the skin (veins, age, pigmentation, freckles etc) of the healthy limb. This silicone arm prosthesis is intended for people looking for a forearm or full arm prosthesis that will fit every need of their social and environmental requirements.

The form is specific to the individual and they are designed in a silicone that is non-allergic, very durable to wear, stain resistant and can withstand very high temperatures.

The nails are made of acrylic and can be varnished. The form and shape can be chosen by the client according to their wishes.

In total, the entire manufacturing process of a custom silicone arm can take up to three months from the initial appointment.

Semi-Custom Forearm and Arm Prostheses

A SkinFeel™ by Silab Prosthetics Semi-custom arm prostheses offers all the hyper-realistic benefits of a custom prosthesis, but unlike the custom prostheses which are made from a cast of the client’s healthy limb, the semi-custom  prosthesis is created on an existing mould of an arm that closely matches the client.

With a wide range of shapes and forms, SkinFeel™ by Silab Prosthetics offers a large range of selection and opportunity to find the most adapted form for each client. While there remains a potential for slight differences in proportion and morphology, the semi-custom arm prosthesis offers the benefit of a more cost effective and quicker to produce arm prosthesis that maintains a level of realism as convincing as the custom.

In total, the process of creating a semi-custom arm prosthesis can take up to two months.

Standard Arm Forearm and Prosthetic Gloves

The SkinFeel™ by Silab Prosthetics range of standard arm prostheses provides a powerfully cost-effective solution for clients that are seeking a prosthesis and are not ready for our custom arm prosthetic solutions but would still like a realistic looking arm prosthesis.

A wide range of different styles and shapes of arm prostheses are available in the standard arm prosthetics range from SkinFeel™ and includes a selection of 16 different available standard skin tones.

The standard arm prosthetic range comes with integrated silicone nails made from the same material as the prosthesis. They are a standard size nail which cannot be varnished. Acrylic nails are available as an additional option.

In total, the entire manufacturing process of the standard prosthesis can take up to 2 weeks.

What our clients have to say about SkinFeel™ by Silab Prosthetics

Over the years we have helped many clients to rebuild their lives with the most adapted cosmetic prostheses for their needs. Those clients have had many things to say about us and we have been able to continually improve what we offer by listening constantly to our clients. Tell us how your experience has been with us and we will share it. We always like to hear your suggestions for how to improve our service.

Thank for your kindness and for my amazing arm prosthesis. It really seems like a real one! You are lucky because your work is your passion, but I am even more lucky to have found you!

This is the first time in twenty years of changing gloves and prosthetics that I have I found such amazing professionals as those at SkinFeel by Silab Prosthetics.

My arm prosthesis is a miracle! With it I feel myself comfortable physically and mentally. Finally I can wear clothes that I like (with short sleeves). Now I like to demonstrate my hands, put them on the table, have manicures, wear jewellery. I generally feel comfortable now in any situation! All my friends are just thrilled. And others do not even realize that this is an arm prosthesis. That is a wonderful feeling! I am very glad that I found SkinFeel by Silab Prosthetics. Before, I had no idea that there were prostheses of this quality. Thanks a lot!